“Let’s Go Outside!”

  Before my baby arrived, a dear friend helped me envision an outdoor space at my home.  

She explained how she wanted me to have a nice space to take the baby outside and get sunshine. 

At the time I didn’t realize how important this space would be for our mental and physical well being. 

We are in a daily rhythm now spending time outside in the morning and evening; and he now runs to the door when we say “let’s go outside”.

Preferred “outside activities” (can adapt for age): 

-pick wildflowers-anything growing in yard, name the colors, look up names 

-smell flowers in the garden, collect seeds 

-watch bees and ask questions about what they are doing 

-tend to the garden (start with a few pots, a little soil and seeds) 

-pot with soil and spoon

-chase the chickens

-wave at airplanes

-point to the moon

-watch birds and ask questions about what they are doing 

-a pot with water and a spoon, add leaves, toys, bubbles as interest changes

-for the older ones, paper, pencil, crayons, go outside (or look outside) and draw the first thing you see (watch for more tips on nature journaling coming soon!) 

On communication outside, try to follow his lead and let him explore as much as possible, letting him know the positive action he can take : 

-watching the bees from a safe distance “let’s let the bees be, let’s watch with our eyes” instead of “No! Careful!”   (Trying to save those for safety situations)

-picking garden flowers, “let’s smell the garden flowers” pointing to nose and showing

-spoon from soil to the mouth, “let’s use the spoon to stir the soil” showing him as needed

After a few tries, if he does not take to the positive action, can say “ok, all done for now, we will come back to this later” and move on to a new activity. 

These nature connection activities can be done in a yard, park, farm, even on a balcony!  

Let us facilitate a Nature Play Date for you and your child, you and your friends, for a birthday party, or another event.  Contact us to reserve your date:


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