Urban Farm Inspiration

We are always looking for inspiration and the Food Roof Farm provided that opportunity through a sunset yoga class and farm tour.

We climbed the stairs to the top of the roof, opened the hatch (door) and looked out to find many elements of a working farm on the top of this building, in the middle of the city!!!

Elements included:

-strawberries, garlic, chard, peppers, herbs (and much more – they grew over 1,000 pounds of food last year and projecting 3,000 pounds this year)

-chickens squawking (all named after cheeses)

-bees buzzing (no yogis were harmed)

-water collection (specifically designed for weight requirements)

-green roof design (very impressive)

-monarch waystation (where a monarch was spotted, weeks after installation!)

The Food Roof Farm grows food to donate, sell, for events and has a few plots to rent out for the community.

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