Birthday with Kale Mamá 

We were thrilled to be invited to bring our exploration table and eco-crafts to a first birthday party!

Beautiful Mamá & Baby: Sheep mask made for the 1-year-old using cotton from our cotton tree! 💪🏼💚

Exploration Table: Nature book, nature matching game, cotton branch and seeds to explore, information on herbs used in mini herb bouquets, seed catalog, locally made wooden lacing apple

Paper plate masks hanging to dry and a clothespin mini herb bouquet

Cat mask and crafting table

It was difficult to pull this “cat” away from the crafting table

Moms had a lot of fun perfecting their masks

Full Circle: went by the garden we helped install at Gudvibes and also the One Ten Thai garden (with permission- Thanks!!) to harvest a few herbs to make mini bouquets. We have dreamed of this day, to have gardens through out the community that we can harvest from as needed.


We are so inspired by creating these beautiful experiences for kids and adults while connecting them to their food, nature and each other.

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