Creative Community

This past weekend was full of creative activities that involved someone taking the risk to make it happen, and in turn strengthening our community.

It also involved people taking a risk and showing up to participate and spend their money locally, in turn investing in the local economy.

👉🏼 Storytime at TBC Food and Drink

Monthly storytime and the free community  library are great offerings for families of the community and visitors, too.

Upon entering this restaurant you are immediately welcomed by the friendly staff and you can’t help but to feel happy with all of the colors and details. Definitely a work of art worth checking out!

Follow TBC food & drink on Facebook to find out about their next event and to see their beautiful menus that change weekly.


👉🏼Gudvibes Opening Event

This space has evolved into a community space for yoga, art classes, theater, dance and many other offerings.

The opening event was inspirational, witnessing the artist Sofia Maldonado and her team recreate the exterior and interior of the space. Check out her work at sofiamaldo on Instagram.

The green patch that was installed with the help of Kale Mamá during the summer camp, is thriving and producing a lot of kale!  Stay tuned for upcoming green patch workshops with Kale Mamá and the GudVibesTribe.

During the event, we had the opportunity to do a color scavenger hunt with paint chips in the garden. Upon first glance, green is what we saw, but as we looked closer, the kids found many colors and noticed the variety of plants growing there. We could have been color hunting for hours, they loved it!

👉🏼BQN Community Event at Royal Isabela

Behind the cat woman costume is Ashley Wright of Puerto Rican Destination Weddings, who is behind the BQNlife movement and events at Royal Isabela.

She is working to support local businesses and build the local economy. 👍   We shared a beautiful evening with music, food, artisans, costume contests and kids’ activities.  🕸🎃🕷💚


There is so much value in all of these community events; bringing people together to talk and exposure to arts, literature, food, the environment and more!

We look forward to seeing what other creative ventures pop up in the community.


Urban Farming Summer

What a joy it has been to collaborate during the summer with La Potería. A local creative workshop space where children and adults can relax and get in the mood to create.


Mi Corazon Simple se llena de Esperanzas

En un mundo lleno de tanto odio mi corazon simple se llena de esperanzas.
Con la posibilidad de sembrar el amor a la tierra en nuestros niños.

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Compartir con La Comunidad

Qué #alegría siento cuando puedo compartir con la #comunidad. A veces nos quedamos encerrados en nuestras casas y olvidamos que aunque hay gente mala también hay mucha #gentebuena. Gente como tu y como yo.

#Gente que lucha #día a día por su #familia, gente que vive #apasionada por el #bienestar común, gente que se desvive por el #servicio, gente que …. tu sabes 🤗
Hoy camino al @aguadillafarmersmarket vi como un miembro de la comunidad se encargaba del mantenimiento de un #parque del municipio. Luego pude presenciar un #hermoso #gesto de #generosidad por parte de un comerciante de la comunidad @levainartisanbreads. Hoy soy #feliz por que #vivo en mi pequeña #isla de #PuertoRico y por la gente linda de mi #pueblo. #Anímate a #salir, #conversar, #observar y a #disfrutar. #Actívate y #participa de tu #comunidad.


Sewing the Seeds of LOVE

Oh what a treat it has been to make time for sewing the seeds of love!

Kale Mamá offers ecotalleres for the women and children of the northwest part of Puerto Rico.

Help us plant the seed of food security knowledge.  We are currently living in a paradise, crisis island with lots of tropical, bountiful beauty.

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