Farmers’ Market Week

Join us to celebrate #farmersmarketweek !

Find Kale Mamá THIS WEEKEND at:

Aguadilla Farmers’ Market / Saturday


Mercado en Rincon / Sunday

Kids’ activities y mas!
🌱 agricultural education – importance of farmers markets

🌱 crafting

🌱 nature connection

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Té frío…que SANA.

Que #calor , este #verano a sido muy caluroso y aun nos queda la #epocadehuracanes. Hay que #refrescarse #sanamente. A los nenes aquí les encanta #té de #chámomila y #limoncillo #frio y a #mamá le encanta preparárselos. #Imagínate #refrescarlos y #relajarlos también….. #winning #parenting #kalemamá #ecochic #greenmama #sanacuritaderana
Té de Chámomila y Limoncillo

* 2 sobres de té de Chámomila SANA
* Limoncillo a gusto (yo arranco lo que me cabe en la mano 🤓)

* Colocar hojas de té en 2 a 3 qt de agua

* Calentar a fuego lento, pero no hervir.

* Dejar enfriar, colar y endulzar a gusto.

* Debe tomarse BIEN FRIO!


Urban Farming Summer

What a joy it has been to collaborate during the summer with La Potería. A local creative workshop space where children and adults can relax and get in the mood to create.


Magic Beans

“Baby” G helping shell and playing with the beans, after eating cherry tomatoes from the garden! 

A Garden Education Gurú, Judy, who I met while working with school gardens in California, introduced me to Christmas Lima Beans, amongst many other heirloom seeds and tips for working with kids in the garden setting.  How grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with her!

I have always thought of these seeds as magic beans and keep a few in my pocket in case I have the chance to pass them on to someone else who might plant them. So…. Just ask next time we see each other!

In Puerto Rico I have grown and collected a great amount and replanted the seeds.  ‘Baby’ G likes to help shell and sort them…and sometimes they spill all overall and then we race to pick them up.


Once the child is old enough to keep out of mouth:

🌱  Planting the seeds / put in soil / may be fun for child to “plant and replant” in soil

🌱  Observing plant growth, watering, finding flowers, collecting seeds, shelling seeds

🌱  Sorting / with other seeds / into various containers

🌱  Counting the seeds using an ice cube tray

For older children:

🌱  Looking up recipes  & cooking the beans

🌱  Tracking plant growth / identifying cotyledons / measuring plant

See related post :  How to Start a Bean Plant in an Upcycled CD Case


Compincheras y Huertos

#compincheras @la_poteria y #kalemamá #creando #espacios de #experimentación #creativa . #Fomentando un estilo de #vida #sustentable #Inspiración para este #veranocompinchero , #alicewaters :

🌱come local

🌱consume producto de temporada

🌱compra en el mercado agrícola local


🌱conserva – composta – recicla

🌱cocinar debe ser algo sencillo y sensorial

🌱cocinen juntos

🌱coman juntos

🌱recuerda que la comida es muy valiosa


Permaculture Ethics 

Photo: Teaching Permaculture ethics at a local summer camp.

Permaculture is a whole systems-based thinking / design process, which is guided by the following ethics: Caring for the earth, Caring for people, Sharing of our surplus resources. 

As I go through my day I notice examples of how I am using these ethics in my life.

I also notice how I would like to incorporate them more and ways that I could do so.

When I buy a locally grown watermelon, I am…
1. Caring for the earth:

-reducing pollution (buying locally grown, less transportation fuel)

-reducing waste (feeding rinds to chickens, saving seeds and growing sprouts for chickens)

-caring for soil (chicken manure enriches soil, local farmer caring for soil)
2. Caring for people:

-taking care of ourselves (eating healthy, whole foods, that are good for my body)

-taking care of our families, communities (produced locally -> supports local economy -> supports people in my community)
3. Sharing of our surplus resources:

  -taking what we need and sharing what we don’t need (taking what we can eat and giving half to a friend or neighbor, saving and sharing seeds)

How are you using Permaculture ethics in your life? 


Working with Local Farmers

Kale Mamá working with local farmers to bring urban gardens to the community and educate about agriculture and food security !

Beautiful day on the farm with Del Conuco, amongst the kale, bees, marigolds, eggplant, tomates y mucho mas!!
Overwhelming gratitude for the farmers who grow our food!!

#knowyourfarmer #nofarmsnofood #agriculturaleducation #comunidad #kale #agroecologia


Mi Corazon Simple se llena de Esperanzas

En un mundo lleno de tanto odio mi corazon simple se llena de esperanzas.
Con la posibilidad de sembrar el amor a la tierra en nuestros niños.

#pequeñostesoros #humildes pero #valiosas #cosechas #kalemamá #ecochic #greenmama #puertorico #rinconpr #bqncommunity #aguadillapr #frijoles #Phaseolusvulgaris #asteraceae #zinnia #marigolds


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Efecto Sombrilla 



Acompañanos en San Juan!

Llaman por el #autoparlante …..#kalemamá , las solicitan por el @eldepartamentodelafood . @efectosombrilla las espera.

Con mucha #ilusión estaremos #visitando y #colaborando. Pendiente para mas detalles.

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