Outside Space Activities 

Our garden has developed into so much more than a space for growing food – here are some of our favorite activities currently.  And for those not able to get outside, some of these can easily be adapted for indoor play. Enjoy!

-Painting dried leaves with watercolors


-Collecting (and eating cherry tomatoes) always a favorite

-Balancing on tires

-Looking for the moon (still a favorite)

-Painting (with markers) rocks to decorate the garden, made with letters and numbers, and he points out the colors

Do you like our table and chairs?! 😉 We love repurposing what we already have.

-Shell table – currently matching and playing; will work up to doing patterns



-Kale Mamá


Birthday with Kale Mamá 

We were thrilled to be invited to bring our exploration table and eco-crafts to a first birthday party!

Beautiful Mamá & Baby: Sheep mask made for the 1-year-old using cotton from our cotton tree! 💪🏼💚

Exploration Table: Nature book, nature matching game, cotton branch and seeds to explore, information on herbs used in mini herb bouquets, seed catalog, locally made wooden lacing apple

Paper plate masks hanging to dry and a clothespin mini herb bouquet

Cat mask and crafting table

It was difficult to pull this “cat” away from the crafting table

Moms had a lot of fun perfecting their masks

Full Circle: went by the garden we helped install at Gudvibes and also the One Ten Thai garden (with permission- Thanks!!) to harvest a few herbs to make mini bouquets. We have dreamed of this day, to have gardens through out the community that we can harvest from as needed.


We are so inspired by creating these beautiful experiences for kids and adults while connecting them to their food, nature and each other.

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El Tomate Comunitario.

La fiebre es contagiosa! 

Mis vecinos, Tom & Marcia, son personas retiradas y viajan a pasar la temporada aquí. 
Durante el verano, intercambiamos correspondencia y acordamos comenzarles las plantulas de tomates 🍅. Cuando llegaron en Noviembre las sembraron en su huerto. 

¡Hoy intercambiamos hortalizas!

Habla con tus vecinos, consideren la posibilidad de comenzar una serie de huertos en la comunidad. 



Small Garden Plot, Full of Life

Thanks to Start Your Garden for gifting a moringa tree to the Gudvibes Garden.
Even in this small urban garden plot, I feel rejuvenated, inspired, connected and hopeful!
Garden Activities

Week of Reyes -2017

-chalk art

-played hopscotch

-“eye spy” for a katydid /esperanza

-counted 15 different species of plants

-weeded out plants to make space for others

-planted Moringa tree
Then we nourished our bodies with a healthy snack. So delicious and affordable!




Message us to reserve your spot for the next garden club!

See this link for more information on Moringa:

-an important food source in some parts of the world

-it can be grown cheaply and easily
-the leaves retain lots of vitamins and minerals when dried

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Cooking with Thyme (ages 2 and up)

My 2-year-old uses thyme that he picked from our potted plant to “cook”, giving me samples to try and stating “mmmmmm”.

Kale Mamá Tips:

-create the space for the child to explore and create

-could use any plant that you have a lot of to “cook”

-use age appropriate size natural materials  (beach glass, seeds, wood, rocks, flowers)

-put phone down and be present to the cooking and pretend tasting

Mi suegra /mother-in-law harvests thyme to use in her holiday cooking, inspiring me to do the same!

What is your favorite recipe for using thyme?

Follow the blog and share your favorite recipe for using thyme below in the comments. IF YOUR RECIPE IS FEATURED in an upcoming post, we will send you seeds via 🐌 snail mail !


El huerto está en obras…

Estamos agrandando el jardín y preparando un espacio apropiado para las gallinas, Gertrudis, Benita, Jacinta y Flecha.


Las chicas disfrutando unos germinados de lentejas

Así que se podrán imaginar que estoy grave!! Con bajón de granjerita urbana. Mi consuelo son las caminatas para conectar con la naturaleza y las visitas a huertos ajenos.

Esta mañana puede visitar, brevemente, un huerto ajeno y no pude resistir la tentación de atender las plantitas a mi alrededor. Que alivio……y que sorpresa para mi encontrar semejante tesoro….

Papilio demoleus


Papilio demoleus

La crisálida de la mariposa del limón 🍋 . Entonces, recordé el ciclo de vida de la mariposa y un hermoso libro, del cual aprendí, que la mariposa es paciente…. hay que tener paciencia.
Mi huerto y todas las locuras que nos rodean mejorarán y al final una hermosa mariposa llegará.