Los Polinizadores en el Mercado Agricola 

Buenos días!!! Este sabado acompañanos al Aguadilla Farmers Market.

Visitaremos y sembraremos en el huerto de One Ten Thai, mientras aprendemos de los polinizadores y su importante función. Una actividad preparada con mucho amor para ti! No te quedes en casa 🐔☀️🐝

Kids’ Corner -Aguadilla Farmers’ Market at 110 Thai

   Great day at the market-26 Marzo

-shared gandules seeds for planting 

-went on a color hunt finding orange turmeric, green gandules, green papayas, blue sky, pink t-shirts and more! 

-learned about the basic needs of plants – sun, soil, water and air-through a discussion and drawing and also more in depth information on how plants take in nutrients was presented in an interactive format -lesson plan coming soon 

-sensory soil bin for digging, planting seeds

Thank you to all who participated! 

We look forward to seeing you at the April 23rd market! 10-1pm