They Grow Up Fast, Hold ‘Em Tight

It is Back-to-School this week in Puerto Rico.

Reflecting on the cycles of the year and all of the changes that time brings.

This is Flecha, in January, young and new to us, and now today as one of our 2 pet chickens and daily egg layers!

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Permaculture Ethics 

Photo: Teaching Permaculture ethics at a local summer camp.

Permaculture is a whole systems-based thinking / design process, which is guided by the following ethics: Caring for the earth, Caring for people, Sharing of our surplus resources. 

As I go through my day I notice examples of how I am using these ethics in my life.

I also notice how I would like to incorporate them more and ways that I could do so.

When I buy a locally grown watermelon, I am…
1. Caring for the earth:

-reducing pollution (buying locally grown, less transportation fuel)

-reducing waste (feeding rinds to chickens, saving seeds and growing sprouts for chickens)

-caring for soil (chicken manure enriches soil, local farmer caring for soil)
2. Caring for people:

-taking care of ourselves (eating healthy, whole foods, that are good for my body)

-taking care of our families, communities (produced locally -> supports local economy -> supports people in my community)
3. Sharing of our surplus resources:

  -taking what we need and sharing what we don’t need (taking what we can eat and giving half to a friend or neighbor, saving and sharing seeds)

How are you using Permaculture ethics in your life? 


Compartir con La Comunidad

Qué #alegría siento cuando puedo compartir con la #comunidad. A veces nos quedamos encerrados en nuestras casas y olvidamos que aunque hay gente mala también hay mucha #gentebuena. Gente como tu y como yo.

#Gente que lucha #día a día por su #familia, gente que vive #apasionada por el #bienestar común, gente que se desvive por el #servicio, gente que …. tu sabes 🤗
Hoy camino al @aguadillafarmersmarket vi como un miembro de la comunidad se encargaba del mantenimiento de un #parque del municipio. Luego pude presenciar un #hermoso #gesto de #generosidad por parte de un comerciante de la comunidad @levainartisanbreads. Hoy soy #feliz por que #vivo en mi pequeña #isla de #PuertoRico y por la gente linda de mi #pueblo. #Anímate a #salir, #conversar, #observar y a #disfrutar. #Actívate y #participa de tu #comunidad.


Titi Elena

You have to meet #TitiElena #kalemamá ‘s #chickenwrangler super knowledgeable #farmerjane getting kids and adults excited about #agriculture! Join us at our next event!! @aguadillafarmersmarket with #JacintaOurPetChicken #rhodeislandredchicken #gallinasurbanas #ecoactividadesparaniñospr