Urban Farm Inspiration

We are always looking for inspiration and the Food Roof Farm provided that opportunity through a sunset yoga class and farm tour.

We climbed the stairs to the top of the roof, opened the hatch (door) and looked out to find many elements of a working farm on the top of this building, in the middle of the city!!!

Elements included:

-strawberries, garlic, chard, peppers, herbs (and much more – they grew over 1,000 pounds of food last year and projecting 3,000 pounds this year)

-chickens squawking (all named after cheeses)

-bees buzzing (no yogis were harmed)

-water collection (specifically designed for weight requirements)

-green roof design (very impressive)

-monarch waystation (where a monarch was spotted, weeks after installation!)

The Food Roof Farm grows food to donate, sell, for events and has a few plots to rent out for the community.


Sewing the Seeds of LOVE

Oh what a treat it has been to make time for sewing the seeds of love!

Kale Mamá offers ecotalleres for the women and children of the northwest part of Puerto Rico.

Help us plant the seed of food security knowledge.  We are currently living in a paradise, crisis island with lots of tropical, bountiful beauty.

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