School Gardens

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One of the amazing school gardens where I worked a few years back in California.  We installed gardens in public elementary schools and worked with the teachers to get them outside using the garden to meet educational standards.  It was great to hear a mom say “my son never used to eat lettuce, now he is asking for it on his hamburger, after planting it in the school garden.”   Watch for more blog posts related to school gardens coming soon!


Tiny Botanist 

This tiny flower brought me back to my work as a field botanist, in which I logged many hours. For a moment, I was there on a steep slope on Catalina Island, identifying every plant on the transect. I loved going out everyday and wondering what we would find. Today my hours are logged in a different way, creating an environment for my little guy to wonder about things. #kalemamá #outsideplayeveryday #whatdoyouwonderabout #wildandfreechildren #natureconnection #conexiónconlanaturaleza